Welcome to Deer Camp

Field & Stream’s Deer Camp Scout Map & Phone are a map-based social hunting journal that lets you and your trusted hunting buddies team up to pattern the lands you hunt. Sign up today, then invite your friends to join. Because when it comes to hunting deer, the more eyeballs you’ve got working together, the more quickly you’ll learn how the biggest bucks use your property. Here’s how it works, and why you should sign up today:

What you can do with Deer Camp

Never Leave the Woods

Deer Camp doesn’t bring your office into the woods. It brings the woods back into your office. And into your pocket if you’ve got an iPhone. Use it to stay in contact with your hunting buddies all season (and all year) long. Get alerts on your phone, by email, or on your Facebook page every time a member of your camp posts a new observation. Check your map for updates when you’re at the office, riding on the train, or even when you’re sitting in your tree stand. Share kill photos, schedule work weekends, plan food plots, or simply broadcast quick notes to every member of your deer camp.

Download the Free App from the Apple Store

Team Up With Your Buddies to Fill Out Your Map

Share the locations of scrapes, rubs, beds, and where you’ve spotted deer with one click of a button (or, if you have the app, by taking a picture with your iPhone). Draw deer trails, food plots, and even specific habitat types on top of your map. The more buddies you have in your camp, the more observations you’ll record, and the easier it will become to ...

Pattern The Land You Hunt!

Want to know where more deer have been sighted on your property when the wind is blowing from the west? In late December? During a heavy snow? Before noon? Deer Camp automatically attaches the wind and weather present at the time and date of all your observations. It also gives you easy filters you can set to match the conditions you're planning to hunt in, including any combination of time of year, time of day, wind direction, precipitation type, and many other variables! Set your filters, then look for patterns in the observations you (and your friends) have made.

A Hunting Journal Made Easy

As every hunter knows, a good journal is one of the best tools you can use to improve your skills. But recording entries takes work, and recording enough of them to be useful takes years of dedication. Deer Camp takes all the work out of making an observation. And with enough hunters contributing to your map, you’ll record more useful information in one season than you could have done over 10 years on your own.